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[new] DWC2636 HD CNC Router

An ideal CNC for businesses seeking reliable performance at an affordable cost.

  • Travel is 26" x 36" x 7" height

  • Spindle 2.2KW (3HP) Liquid Cooled Spindle, ER20 collet chuck

From $6,499

[new] DWC3648 CNC ROUTER

A top-tier CNC router designed for precision and versatility.

  • Travel is 36"x 48"x 7" height

  • Spindle 2.2KW (3HP) Liquid Cooled Spindle, ER20 collet chuck

From $8,499


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Hobbyist CNC Router

Start carving with this robust and easy-to-use hobbyist CNC router. No prior CNC experience required! 18” X 24” carving size.

from $2,799.00


Pro CNC Router

Versatile and professional CNC carving. Unleash your wildest creative dreams with a pro CNC! 24” X 40” carving size.

from $4,519.00

SmartBench Precision Pro PLUS

Large Format CNC

Precision, large-format CNC Router with full edge-to-edge capability for plywood sheets plus touch screen control! 98” X 49” carving size.


DWC5100 Commercial CNC

Our 48"x96" Digital Wood Carver Commercial line CNC Machine has a working area of 51.2" x 98.4" to accommodate full sheets of plywood.


Digital Wood Carver in Action

The CNC Creative Process!

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Create advanced designs using industry-standard Vectric software.

Free setup training provided, and access to 100+ in-depth video tutorials to help you succeed.



Send your design to the CNC, and watch it carve your designs into wood or other materials.



Make 3D carvings, laser engravings and more with accessories!


What our Customers are Making

Make Money Carving

Learn how to start your own CNC wood carving business from home with this 18-page guide filled with advice from our customers who have done it themselves!


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Local CNC Directory

Need a truly unique project made for a special occasion? Find local CNC carving services using our customer directory!


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Free one-on-one training is provided with every CNC model, in addition to Getting Started videos, plus free access to 100+ in-depth training videos from our sales team! One-on-one training can be arranged as well!

Owner’s Community

Learn from people just like you who are using their Digital Wood Carvers to create amazing things. More info

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