From Lake Maps to Wood Boards: Kim's Lucrative Business Journey at Maple Works Designs

Step into the world of Maple Works Designs, where Kim Herrler blends artistry with craftsmanship to create custom lake map boards that delight customers worldwide. With her DWC1824 CNC router, Kim has transformed her passion for woodworking into a thriving business, inspiring others to explore the possibilities of CNC technology in the woodworking industry.

The Roots of Maple Works Designs

In Uxbridge, Kim started woodworking in high school two decades ago. Recognizing the advancing tide of digital technology, Kim seized upon the opportunity to blend traditional woodworking methods with contemporary CNC router technology. 

In addition to her well-received lake map boards, Kim's portfolio boasts an assortment of other creations, including bespoke furniture, personalized engravings, and intricate epoxy inlays. 

Crafting Personalized Lake Map Boards

At Maple Works Designs, every piece tells a story. Kim Herrler meticulously crafts custom lake map boards, infusing each with the essence of cherished waterways. Take, for example, the breathtaking Kennisis Lake map board, intricately engraved with the shorelines and depths of this locale. 

With the DWC1824 CNC router as her tool of choice, Kim skillfully navigates the intricate contours of lakes and rivers, transforming raw wood into personalized treasures for her clients. Whether it's the tranquil shores of Little Sebago Lake or the majestic expanse of Roven Lake, each custom map board captures the unique beauty and memories of these cherished destinations.


The Process Behind Crafting Lake Map Boards 

Using the DWC1824 CNC router, Kim brings her clients' visions to life with precision and finesse. From selecting premium ambrosia maple to engraving intricate designs, every step of the process reflects Kim's commitment to quality craftsmanship. With its user-friendly interface and robust construction, the DWC1824 streamlines the carving process, allowing Kim to focus on the creative aspect of her work.

A Personal Touch

What sets Maple Works Designs lake map boards apart is the attention to detail. Each board is meticulously crafted, from the hand-painted lettering to the custom epoxy resin fills. These personalized touches not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the boards but also create a deeper emotional connection for Kim's clients, who see their memories and experiences reflected in every piece.

Customer Satisfaction and Beyond

Kim's dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond the Mount Albert, Ontario. Thanks to the global reach of the internet, Maple Works Designs lake map boards have found homes in cottages, lake houses, and vacation spots around the world. Check it out Kim’s recent works and the process video on instagram @mapleworksdesigns.

Whether it's a local resident or an international enthusiast, Kim's creations resonate with individuals who appreciate the beauty of handcrafted woodworking.


Empowering Creativity with DWC1824

When Kim first ventured into the world of digital woodworking, she approached it with cautious optimism as a beginner CNC router user. However, the DWC1824 CNC router proved to be a game-changer, providing Kim with the tools and confidence to pursue her passion. With its robust construction and intuitive design software, the DWC1824 has become an invaluable asset in Kim's workshop, offering a seamless carving experience and enabling her to explore new creative avenues. 

Its compact size and easy-to-use features make it the perfect companion for both novice woodworkers and seasoned professionals alike, allowing Kim to elevate her craft and expand her business beyond traditional woodworking practices.

Kim's Experience in the DWC Owner Group

Kim Herrler encountered a problem with her DWC CNC machine. She sought help in the DWC owner group on Facebook, reaching out to fellow DWC CNC owners and Digital Wood Carver's customer service representative.


She asked the group, "I ran a test cut and had very faint lines in my cleaners out section from my end mill. A few minutes later I’m running the same file, same bit, same walnut and the lines are way more noticeable. Not sure why there’s such a difference. Can anyone shed some light and point me in the direction to fix it? I don’t want to engrave the text until it’s smoother and I don’t want to pull it off the machine."

After receiving helpful tips from the group, Kim tried a final pass at 0.02, which reduced the need for sanding. She also received guidance from Laney and other members on properly reconnecting cables to address technical issues like controller malfunctions and inconsistent engraving results.

This experience showcases the helpful community in the DWC owner group and Digital Wood Carver's commitment to providing support to its users.

Looking Ahead:

As Maple Works Designs continues to grow, Kim remains committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. With the DWC1824 CNC router by her side, the possibilities are endless.


Maple Works Designs and Kim Herrler stand as a testament to the fusion of tradition and technology in woodworking. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and community support, Kim's journey inspires authenticity and innovation. Stay tuned for upcoming case studies that delve deeper into Maple Works Designs' stories. For more content and inspiration, check the link below.

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