Photographer Discovers CNC Wood Carving with Digital Wood Carver

Joe DeFabis turns to Digital Wood Carver's CNC routers and support after retiring from award-winning photography career.


Joe DeFabis, a celebrated photographer from Indianapolis, has spent over three decades capturing life's most precious moments through his lens. However, in recent years, he has embarked on a new creative endeavor – CNC woodworking. With the help of Digital Wood Carver's top-of-the-line CNC routers, Joe has unlocked a world of possibilities, allowing him to bring his artistic visions to life in a new and exciting medium.

The Challenge:

With no prior experience in CNC woodworking, Joe faced the daunting task of navigating a complex and unfamiliar territory. As a self-proclaimed novice in the field, he knew he needed a reliable and user-friendly solution that could guide him through the learning curve.

Discovering Digital Wood Carver:

In his search for the perfect CNC router, Joe was drawn to Digital Wood Carver's reputation for exceptional customer support and user-friendly products. The company's positive reviews, particularly regarding their responsive and knowledgeable team, solidified his decision to invest in a DWC 2440 CNC router.

The Solution:

Joe's journey with the DWC 2440 CNC router has been nothing short of remarkable. Despite his initial trepidation, the machine's intuitive design and the unwavering support from Digital Wood Carver's team have empowered him to create stunning woodcarving projects. As he recounts,

"I have found that the DWC 2440 is a great machine, and the service and support is A++++ being a new owner and never having carved before, I had to rely on DWC support for a few questions after I began carving. Laney was always patient, knowledgeable, and helpful."

Support Experience:

Joe's experience with Digital Wood Carver's customer support team has been truly exceptional. He singles out Laney as a standout member, praising his patience, knowledge, and willingness to assist him throughout his learning process. "Laney is a true asset for DWC," Joe affirms, underscoring the company's commitment to ensuring its customers' success.

Personal Touch:

Beyond his newfound passion for CNC woodworking, Joe's life has been a testament to his creative spirit and dedication to his craft. As a four-time winner of the "IPPG Wedding Photographer of the Year" Award and a five-time recipient of the "Best Album" award, his accomplishments in the field of photography are truly remarkable. Joe's love for motorsports and landscape photography has also fueled his artistic journey, allowing him to capture the beauty and excitement of the world around him.


Joe DeFabis's story is a testament to the power of embracing new challenges and the transformative potential of Digital Wood Carver's CNC routers. Whether you're a seasoned woodworker or a beginner like Joe, Digital Wood Carver offers a range of hobbyist to commercial CNC routers, designed to empower you on your creative journey. With a commitment to exceptional customer support and a dedication to helping users succeed, Digital Wood Carver stands out as a trusted partner for anyone seeking to unlock their artistic potential in the world of CNC woodworking.

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