Learn how to start your own CNC wood carving business from home with this 18-page guide filled with advice from our customers who have done it themselves!


You’ll Discover

  • What’s the market potential and what sells?

  • How long it takes for your CNC to pay for itself?

  • Why it’s an ideal family business idea

  • Where you can learn how to carve for free

  • Is CNC carving hard to learn?

  • What are the best sales and marketing channels?


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Build your own Independent Income Source


In this free guide, our customers share how they started and grew their own wood carving businesses. They share how they were able to use their home workshop spaces to generate new income while doing something they always to do - work with wood!

Some are retired and some work full-time jobs, but they all wanted to produce lasting creations in their workshops, and things have grown from there!

We especially love to see families working together, and you’ll hear from some who are getting their kids involved with the growing business and working together!

Find out how they built their carving businesses, and learn how you can do it too!