DWC5100 Commercial CNC Router

Handle Full Sheets of Plywood

Scale up your CNC production with a commercial router 96” x 48" carving area and commercial features and speeds, you can accelerate your projects, and still enjoy Digital Wood Carver's customer service and motion controller features.

Our 48"x96" Digital Wood Carver Commercial line CNC Machine has a working area of 51.2" x 98.4" to accommodate full sheets of plywood.

The DWC5100 features our USB CNC Motion Controller Software and Hardware, but Vectric CAD/CAM Design Software is sold separately.

With an 8.0" Z Height, it has 5 T-slots and Vacuum Table, helical rack and pinion in X, Y axis.




X,Y axis working area (51.2" x 98.4")

Z axis working area ( about 8")

Max. speed 14m/Min​ 550 in/M

Max. working speed 12m/Min ​450in/M

Working accuracy 0.01mm ​.001"

Repositioning accuracy 0.05mm ​.0025"

Feeding height 120mm ​4.625"

Working Power 4000W

Working voltage AC220V/50HZ/60HZ ​/ Single Phase

Spindle power 3.2 KW ​4 1/4HP

Spindle running speed 0-24000

Spindle Power Motor: 3.2KW, Water-Cooled, ER20 Collet Chuck

Spindle Speed: 0-24000 rpm with VFD, AC220V/50Hz/60HZ ​

X, Y Z Limit Switch

E- Stop, Z Height Probe ​Not Probe (Touch Off)

Watch it run

No fancy editing…. just the DWC5100 in operation.

Made with a DWC5100

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