Recap of Our Valentine's Day Carving Contest

Valentine's Day, a time for love and creativity, was truly celebrated this year with our exciting carving contest. Held in the spirit of passion and craftsmanship, we invited artists and hobbyists alike to showcase their talent in carving, whether in 2D or 3D, with the chance to win fantastic prizes. Let's take a moment to appreciate the remarkable entries and congratulate the talented winners!

The Contestants and Their Valentines’s day Creations:

2D Entries:

Valentine's Sign by Denise Brown
A heartfelt tribute to self-love, beautifully crafted with the DWC2440.

“My personal valentine to myself. I have done many signs for others, and wanted to make something for myself. - Denise”

Love Letter Sign by Mickey Good: Made with the DWC2440.

“Designed this myself using a phrase I saw on Etsy. - Mickey”

I Would Spend 9 Lives with You by John Johnston: Made with the DWC2440.

“This is for my wife for Valentine. It is made out of pecans, 1/2 thick, and cut 1/16 bit. yes it took a little time to cut but was well worth it. - John”


Gemini Love by Carolyn McKibbin: Made with the DWC2440.

“We are beginner CNCers! We just bought it in November and got to it right away! Figured we'd give this a try and just enter for the fun of it to see how we've grown over the years. We had a burning issue with this and found that our spindle was wired incorrectly but we trudged through! - Carolyn”


3D Entries:

Vetric Family of Love by Homer: Made with the DWC1824.

“I wanted to create a project like this for a year or so --- but didn't have the wood I wanted or thought I wanted ... recently I found several pieces of Olive wood ... The pictures from which the carving is made are from the Vetric Family of pictures. - Homer”

The Tree of Life on Corsica Island by Homer: Made with the DWC1824.

“An interesting project and years in making.  Wood is Olive - I found some small pieces to work with. The Tree of Life Photo was taken on the Island of Corsica about 20 years ago (by me). I have used the photo in a number of carvings but the combination of machine, time and particularly the type of wood seemed to come together. - The wording seems to disappear in the wood - until you start looking at it and then the whole and parts/individual areas seem to come together ... In any case the DWC 1824 allows me to implement dreams and thoughts. - Homer”


Truck of Love by Everette Jones: Made with the DWC1824.

“Truck was designed to have the back piece changed out for the seasons. Attached with magnets - Everette”

A Valentine’s Bear by Clayton Shanor: Made with the DWC1824.

“A bear 3d carve for my Valentine. This was a fun carve and I am hoping she likes it. It is 8" x 10"..25" end mill clearing pass 1/32 tapered ball nose finishing pass 60deg v bit v carve for lettering 1/8" endmill for profile cut - Clayton”


The Valentine’s Day Carving Contest Winners:

After careful deliberation, our team selected the following entries as our deserving winners:

🥇 1st Place: 3 hours of personalized training with CNC guru Laney Shaughnessy!

  • 2D Category: "I Would Spend 9 Lives with You" by John Johnston.

  • 3D Category: "A Valentine’s Bear" by Clayton Shanor.

🥈 2nd Place:Choose between $125 DWC store credit or a $75 Amazon gift card!

  • 2D Category: "Love Letter Sign" by Mickey Good.

  • 3D Category: "Vectric Family of Love" by Homer.

🥉 3rd Place:Receive a DWC Hat and a premium V groove bit!

  • 3D Category: "Valentine's Sign" by Denise Brown.

  • 3D Category: "The Tree of Life on Corsica Island" by Homer.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Your dedication, creativity, and craftsmanship truly shined through in your entries. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants for sharing your talent with us. Every entry was exceptional, making the judging process a challenging but rewarding experience.

Stay Tuned for Future Contests:

To all the aspiring carvers and CNC enthusiasts out there, keep honing your skills and unleashing your creativity with our renowned CNC machines, the DWC1824 and DWC2440. And don't forget to stay tuned for our upcoming contests and events, where you could be the next winner!

Once again, congratulations to our winners, and thank you to everyone who participated. Your passion for carving and dedication to your craft inspire us all. Here's to many more celebrations of creativity in the future!