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Let’s Design a VCarve Sign – Vectric Tutorial and Sign Designing Tips Part 2

Let’s Design a VCarve Sign – Vectric Tutorial and Sign Designing Tips Part 2

With a combination of a high-quality CNC plus versatile design software, the sky’s the limit when it comes to sign designing. 

To continue from where we left off in Sign Designing Tips Part 1, we’ll go over some other software tools that beginners and intermediate-level carvers can use for their next CNC masterpiece. This includes distortion, welding, node editing, and so on!

Absolutely Awesome Things You Can Do With A CNC Router

Discover the endless possibilities of what you can make with a CNC router in your workshop!

From 3D wood carvings to carved plastics to laser engravings, check out the different types of projects that a CNC router can help you produce.

Expand Your Capabilities with a CNC Router

With advances in technology and software, modern workshop CNC routers enable even novice woodworkers to produce all sorts of projects - wood carvings, carved plastics, cutting boards, and even soft metal projects,  can be made using just one tool.

One CNC can replace many tools that were traditionally necessary in most workshops - saving space while making things much easier when doing repetitive milling tasks.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to utilizing the power of CNC routers. Let’s explore the different types of amazing projects that a CNC router can help you with. But this is just the beginning… There's no limit as long as you're creative and imaginative!


Carve Unique Projects from Wood

Signs, plaques, games, cutting boards, and flags.

A CNC is a great way to turn your wood projects into works of art. You can create unique signs and plaques for any occasion. Cutting boards are a really trendy right now and make for a great personalized gift! As well, a CNC can help you to cut out materials to make games or other items that need precise and unique shapes.

The best part of using a CNC machine to carve your projects from wood Is that unlike hand-carving, which can take hours and produce inconsistent results due to human error or lack of skill, CNCs provide consistent results every time.

Make Money & Special Gifts

With a CNC in the workshop, you can make nice gifts for family members or friends who love homemade items. The possibilities are endless when you're armed with this kind of technology in your arsenal - all that's left is for you to determine what will happen next.

Many CNC owners are able to build part time and even full time income by starting out this way and then beginning to offer their services through local word of mouth and by selling online.


Cut out 2D Designs from Cardboard, Plywood, Foam and more...

CNC routers are often used for to precisely cut out intricate shapes from cardboard, foam, and plywood.

With this helpful tool, you could make all your DIY projects much easier than they seemed before because now there's no need to spend hours trying to trace your 2D designs.


Carve & Engrave plastics to make one-of-a-kind gifts like LED lamps

Some of the more creative projects to make with your CNC router are one-of-a-kind LED lamps for gifts or for sale. By engraving on the surface of plastics, and pairing it with a simple LED light fixture, you can easily and quickly offer custom items that everyone will love.

With LED lamps becoming increasingly popular and affordable, you can now have your own personalized lighting fixtures in your workshop as well!

A CNC router allows for detailed carving or sculpting of plastics with speed and precision, making it feasible for artists to offer unique products that are not mass produced.


Laser Engravings

When you need a custom laser engraving on wood for a logo, motto, anything else, a CNC equipped with a laser is a perfect way to make it happen.

With the optional laser addon, your CNC router can create detailed engravings with great accuracy and speed, enhancing your projects even further.

4 Fun DIY Carving Projects Made Easy with a CNC Router

Want to know what you can make with a CNC Router?

Here are four kinds of CNC projects that you can make!

Getting yourself a CNC Router can spice up your DIY projects massively. A CNC allows you to accurately cut, carve, etch and engrave different materials such as wood, foam, plastic, and even some soft metals to create unique finished products.

With it, even hobbyist woodworkers can try out advanced carving techniques and businesses can mass-produce customized products quickly without spending a fortune. In other words, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for workshops both small and large.

As a heads up, here is a quick video compilation of some of the amazing DIY projects our customers have created with their very own CNC Router.

We’ve compiled four impressive kinds of projects that you can make with a CNC Router:

Unique Home and Office Items

Nothing is better than items that have a good balance of both form and function. With a CNC Router, you can transform common home and office items into something truly special for yourself and for others.

I mean, why should you buy something that everyone else has if you can create your own ?

Transforming common items into something more unique is a great way to earn extra income. Small business owners don’t have to be afraid of competing with big box stores, because many consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of where they’re buying, (especially millennials) and many prefer to buy one-of-a-kind items to support local business.

Best-Selling Customized Items

  • Personalized Cutting Boards

  • Pencil Holders

  • Coasters

  • Desk Organizers

Make Unforgettable Gifts For Loved Ones

Gifts that are created especially for you hold great, if not, the most value. So if you’re someone with a gift-giving love language, then you might be thrilled to explore possibilities with a CNC Router.

You get the luxury of transforming ideas into reality easily regardless if you’re a novice or an expert in woodworking. Emblazen your loved one’s name on their favorite items, or even create toys and coasters shaped like their favorite animal!

Awesome Gift Ideas:

  • Custom Board games

  • Puzzles

  • Name Plaques

  • Jewelry

  • Accessories

Design 2D Decor to Spice Up Your Space

The value of an aesthetically pleasing home or office space cannot be underestimated.

So, another project that might pique your interest is designing 2D decor to beautify your space. With a CNC router, you can cut up 2D ornaments out of various materials like wood, foam, plastic and other materials to adorn your wall..

Personalized 2D Decoration Ideas:

  • Tree Ornaments

  • Rustic Wood Signs

  • Monogramed signs

  • Electrical Outlet Covers

Custom Laser Engravings

Have items that remind you of a special date or person? Engrave it!

With your own CNC router in your workshop outfitted with a laser, you can easily bring meaning to simple objects by engraving names, dates, images and inspiring words on their surfaces.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, there is always a CNC router that best suits you and your needs.

Don’t be afraid to venture out! Everyone starts as a beginner, and there will always be a chance to learn and improve.

Learn more about the different types of CNC routers and their features by visiting us at Digital Wood Carver.